Frequent questions


Online booking

You can change the time and date at any time by calling us on 081294980 to inform us of the date or time change. It is also possible to request a refund within 24 hours in advance.

It is not essential but recommended. By purchasing your ticket online you can skip the line.


Visit planning

It depends on whether or not you use the audio guide. Listening to the entire audio guide, the tour lasts about 1 hour, you can freely decide what to listen to and how long to make the visit last.

From 1 April 2022, for access to museums, archaeological parks, exhibitions, archives, libraries and other places of culture, the possession of the reinforced green pass, or the basic one, is no longer required. The obligation to use surgical masks remains.

The ampoules come out 3 times a year due to the miracle of liquefaction:

the Saturday preceding the first Sunday in May, September 19th (the ampoules remain on display for a week) and December 16th (the ampoules remain on display for 1 day)

Yes. The Museum allows access to animals for the entire duration of the itinerary.

Unfortunately, the architectural barriers currently do not allow access to the museum but only to the Chapel.

Inside the Museum it is allowed to take pictures or make video recordings only without using the flash.

Yes. The shop is located inside the Museum ticket office and inside the Treasury Chapel.

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