Audio Guide

A TREASURE OF AUDIO GUIDE is the audio tour produced by D'Uva in 11 languages ​​and in Neapolitan, in adult and children versions. An evocative story between voices and music, with exceptional interpretations such as Toni Servillo, Patrizio Rispo and Nunzia Schiano and with the original compositions of Antonio Fresa, with the special participation of Raiz, Pietra Montecorvino, Eugenio Bennato, Maurizio Capone and the Sanitansamble Youth Orchestra

audioguida tesoro san gennaro


For adults and children, in 11 languages and… also in Neapolitan!

A TREASURE OF AUDIO GUIDE is a story that reveals the stories of all the people who contributed to the construction of the Treasure of San Gennaro over the centuries : deputies, popes, kings, queens, princes and common people, all linked by devotion to the Saint. The renewed contents, the participation of contemporary actors and artists and the composition of original music dedicated to the visit have allowed this heritage to live and be interpreted in a everything new… a way that you too can now experience, firsthand, by visiting the Treasure of San Gennaro! The audio guide is included in the ticket and is available for adults and children in 11 languages ​​and in Neapolitan

The voices

With the narrative voices of Toni Servillo, Patrizio Rispo, Nunzia Schiano, Maurizio de Giovanni, and the participation of Don Riccardo Carafa d’Andria and Monsignor Vincenzo de Gregorio

The audiotour is interpreted by Neapolitan artists and characters closely linked to the city, who belong to Neapolitan culture and who have illuminated/narrated the story of the Saint and his Treasure with great sensitivity and participation. The actors Toni Servillo, Nunzia Schiano and Patrizio Rispo, as well as the playwright and writer Maurizio de Giovanni enthusiastically joined , the Duke Don Riccardo Carafa of Andria – Vice President of the Deputation of the Royal Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro and the Abbot of the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, Monsignor Vincenzo de Gregorio. Each of them contributed strongly with the sound of their charismatic, warm and evocative voice to represent 500 years of participation, faith and devotion to San Gennaro. And if an important voice accompanies us to discover a place, we can certainly add beauty and emotion to our knowledge.

The soundtrack

Original compositions by Antonio Fresa, with the extraordinary participation of Raiz, Pietra Montercorvino, Eugenio Bennato, Vincenzo de Gregorio, Maurizio Capone, Marco Zurzolo and the Sanitansamble Youth Orchestra
A place so prodigious and full of spirituality and history could not leave indifferent the sensitivity of a Neapolitan musician and composer like Antonio Fresa, known for the soundtracks created for cinema and TV, nominated for the David di Donatello and the Silver Ribbons. 12 original compositions produced by him resonate in the audio guide, integrating as a powerful driving soundtrack. The creation of the songs also involved very talented Neapolitan artists, Raiz, Pietra Montecorvino and Eugenio Bennato, who offered their extraordinary voices to 3 of the 12 compositions: BONASERA REGINA, for which Raiz wrote a text as vibrant as her voice, SAN GENNARO MIO PUTENTE with the passionate timbre of Pietra Montecorvino who calls together the relatives of the Saint and SAN GENNARO LO SA, an engaging Neapolitan swing ballad with lyrics by Eugenio Bennato, who also composed the music in collaboration with Fresa.


The musical project TESORO DI SAN GENNARO, A SOUNDTRACK EXPERIENCE is not only the intense soundtrack of the audio guide to the Treasure of San Gennaro, but was also recorded, mixed and mastered in the Milanese studios of Adesiva Discographica and published on CD and on all digital streaming and download platforms. The CD is available at the San Gennaro Treasure Bookshop, in shops and on the main online platforms.