The Treasury of San Gennaro has carried out important interventions to guarantee the accessibility of the spaces and contents for the visit, working on the removal of physical barriers, cognitive and sensorial and promoting the inclusion of all visitors with specific needs and disabilities.

Routes for blind and visually impaired

Tactile tour itineraries, brochures and braille panels with the description of the rooms and reproductions of the works in 3D
The Treasure of San Gennaro includes visit itineraries, workshops and tools designed with the aim of making art accessible to blind or visually impaired people. Inside the Treasure of San Gennaro there are works created in 3D and tactile panels: the reproduction of the jeweled miter in 1:1 scale and the touchstone tactile panels to recognize the shapes of the San Gennaro necklace, the monstrances and other gifts dedicated to the Patron Saint; in the Royal Chapel, thanks to the contribution of Deloitte, the 3D version of the detail of the Silver Antependium of the High Altar by Gian Domenico Vinaccia was created< /strong>, and the tactile relief translation of the oil on copper painting by Jusepe de Ribera. The reproduction work was carried out by Art-Up, a group of Sannite companies, which through the digitization of the works created detailed models adhering to the originals, with the scientific supervision of the SAAD-Suor Orsola Benincasa (University Service for the Activities of Students with Disabilities and DSA); Furthermore, along the visit route there are: ceramic orientation maps; Braille panels with the description of the rooms; letismart lights, i.e. small devices that emit sounds to facilitate the route (on the orientation maps, on the descriptive panels, on the entrance door to the Sacristies and on the exit door leading in the backyard); brochure in black braille writing, with description of the Chapel, the Sacristies and selected works and audio descriptions with texts created specifically for facilitate visits to visually impaired and blind people.

Tour for deaf and hard of hearing

Video-guided routes in LIS accessible via qrcode

The Treasure of San Gennaro offers visitors the possibility of accessing completely independently, via qrcode, a video guide in Italian Sign Language (LIS).

The videos, produced with an inclusive perspective for deaf people, both signing and non-signing, and hearing people, contain an explanation in LIS of the Treasury and works preserved therein, subtitles and a narrative voice in Italian.

The videos were interpreted by two professional actors who narrate the museum’s works in sign language.

Access for visitors with reduced mobility

Thanks to the removal of physical and architectural barriers, the Museum can be accessed by wheelchairs

Access to the Treasury of San Gennaro is free for people with disabilities (subject to presentation of the disability document) and reduced for their companion.

Thanks to the insertion of iron handrails, stairlift to access the museum and the bathrooms, benches along the route, special slides to facilitate entry and the remodeling of the ticket counters to make them suitable and more welcoming, the Treasure of San Gennaro is today a space accessible to visitors with reduced mobility. The museum area is distributed over two levels: the ground floor is equipped with an emergency exit accessible to wheelchairs; access to the external portico and the ticket office is accessible through the use of special ramps which require passage from an external path. Access to the staircase involves the use of electric stairlifts with the support of the ticket office staff. The toilets on the ground floor (ticket area) are suitable for people with disabilities.

audioguida tesoro san gennaro

Multimedia supports for everyone

A ‘treasure of audio guides’ as a support for inclusion, available for adults and children, in 11 languages ​​and Neapolitan

Born in June 2022, designed and produced by D’Uva, the audio guide of the Treasure of San Gennaro is enriched with further 6 languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Russian and Portuguese) in addition to those already present (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Neapolitan).

A new route joins the evocative story between voices and music dedicated to adults: the audio guide dedicated to the little ones, a special narration to also allow children to explore and learn the story of San Gennaro and one of the most precious treasures in the world, accompanied by the hilarious interpretations of Patrizio Rispo and Nunzia Schiano.

Web accessibility

Accessible website and virtual tour of the visit route to encouragethe widest and most participatory cultural enjoyment of the Treasure of San Gennaro

This site was created in compliance with the provisions dictated by Law number 4 of 9 January 2004, which establishes the rules to facilitate access to IT services by disabled people. The accessibility requirements were defined in collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired and on the basis of the indications on accessibility made available by the W3C.

The website also offers the possibility of using the virtual tour of the Treasure of San Gennaro, accessible from all devices in Italian and English, to allow users to experience a digital experience that overcomes spatial limits in almost all visit spaces.